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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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HK Mardi Gras -
New Orleans, LA

United Kingdom

HIGH ROLLERS Harmony Kingdom Reunion -
Las Vegas, NV

Fire & ICE - Skokie, IL
PIRATES of the KINGDOM - Orlando, FL
HK CORRAL - Phoenix, AZ
"Harmonyville" -
Seattle, WA

Let Freedom Ring! - Philadelphia, PA

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HOP Contest:
Name That Piece...

Auction Results

To celebrate the start of a New Year, HK House of Peers is pleased to present a new contest, Name That Piece. See how well you know the wonderful pieces that we all love to collect and look at over and over again! The winner of this contest will receive an early version of the 2003 release, Red Reef Inn. The piece is labeled on the base "LEATHERBACK TURTLE" and has the number "# 001" written there as well. A great addition to any HK collection!

Red Reef Inn Prototype
Red Reef Inn Prototype
Red Reef Inn Prototype
Red Reef Inn Prototype
Red Reef Inn Prototype Interior
Red Reef Inn Prototype Interior
Red Reef Inn Prototype Base
Red Reef Inn Prototype Base

If you are a member of an authorized local independent HK collectors club, you are welcome to identify these Harmony Kingdom oldies but goodies based on the clue provided. The winner will be drawn from among all correct entries received by April 15, 2004.

Name the HK piece that...

  1. Honors Canadians

  2. Shows Lord Byron riding a motorcycle

  3. Is a Star Angel

  4. Shows a ticket to the zoo

  5. Says "ALPHAS RULE"

  6. Commemorates Griff's last purr

  7. Depicts a scarab beetle

  8. Goes to Dickerson Zoo

  9. Has a pile of human noses

  10. Gives a different meaning to the term 'Hot Wing'


  1. You must be a member of an HK authorized local independent club to participate.
  2. The winner will be drawn from all correct entries submitted by the deadline.
  3. If you enter more than once, only one correct entry will be placed in the drawing. This allows you to submit an incorrect entry and then correct it. You can have only one entry in the drawing regardless of how many club memberships you have.
  4. The drawing for the winner will be held the third week of April 2004.
  5. The contest is open to members of ALL HK authorized independent clubs around the world.


To enter, send your numbered answers by e-mail to:

- or -

Mail to:
HK House of Peers Contest
2156 South Elkhart Street
Aurora, CO 80014

- or -

FAX to:

Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the name of your authorized independent club. The deadline for submission is midnight Greenwich Mean Time on April 15, 2004. That's 8 pm EDT or 5 pm PDT.

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