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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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HK Mardi Gras -
New Orleans, LA

United Kingdom

HIGH ROLLERS Harmony Kingdom Reunion -
Las Vegas, NV

Fire & ICE - Skokie, IL
PIRATES of the KINGDOM - Orlando, FL
HK CORRAL - Phoenix, AZ
"Harmonyville" -
Seattle, WA

Let Freedom Ring! - Philadelphia, PA

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Harmony Kingdom

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Harmony Kingdom Prototype - Coup d'etat
HOP Fundraising Auction
Ended March 1, 2009

Auction Results

The HK House of Peers offered you the opportunity to win a rare prototype of the 2008 Black Box Coup d'etat. The funds raised in this auction will be used to support the administratie expenses of HOP's charity fundraising activities.

 Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype

Coup d'etat was carved by Master Carver Peter Calvesbert in 2008. It was released in a limited edition of 1000. The piece examines the production of foie gras, a well-known French delicacy. Foie gras means "fat liver," an apt name as ducks and geese are force fed corn mash until their livers are up to ten times their normal size. In typical Black Box fashion, the tables are turned. Five ducks take revenge by force feeding Master Carver Peter Calvesbert. One of the sacks of corn is labeled "LIVERBURST" (a play on the name of the German sausage). This can be the unfortunate consequence of force feeding.

  • This prototype is a solid piece, with the usual hallmarks.
  • It does not include the inscriptions that appear on the final version: the base does not have the names of the countries that have outlawed foie gras production, nor does it have "ARNY 2012" inscribed on it.
  • The base is marked "BLACK BOX PROTOTYPE."


Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype

Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype


Coup d'etat Prototype
Coup d'etat Prototype


Coup d'etat Prototype Base
Coup d'etat Prototype Base

This rare piece would make a wonderful addition to any collection. With your winning bid, you support HOP's charity fundraising activities. Thank you for your support!


This auction was held on eBay
eBay - Prototype Auction
and ended Sunday, March 1, 2009

$361.99 for HOP

eBay Auction:

This is a fundraising auction by the HK House of Peers to support HOP's charity fundraising activities. Visit the eBayauction for specific auction details.

If you have any questions about this auction, e-mail the [HOP Fundraising Coordinator] at [] before bidding.

Coup d'etat Prototype Good Luck!

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