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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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HK/HOP Events
HK Mardi Gras -
New Orleans, LA

United Kingdom

HIGH ROLLERS Harmony Kingdom Reunion -
Las Vegas, NV

Fire & ICE - Skokie, IL
PIRATES of the KINGDOM - Orlando, FL
HK CORRAL - Phoenix, AZ
"Harmonyville" -
Seattle, WA

Let Freedom Ring! - Philadelphia, PA

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Harmony Kingdom


HK House of Peers


Calendar Guidelines


At the request of independent clubs, HOP has provided a centralized place to post dates and information about club activities.

On this calendar, club activities can be posted including meetings, fundraisers, and special events. The only restriction is that no dealer's event will be posted unless the club is having a special activity at the event.

There are two parts to the calendar page. The calendar shows the current month, with a notation on the day when an event is scheduled. Below the calendar is a message area. Here the club supplies a short message about the activity with a contact person and their e-mail address, where more information can be obtained. If the club provides additional text they want collectors to see, e.g. details of a raffle; a link to a page with the additional text is provided.

To have events posted on the calendar, a special e-mail address [] is provided. The calendar coordinator keeps the calendar updated and tracks activities that should be removed after they occur.

The following guidelines are recommended:

  1. The calendar has two sections - one for specific Event dates and one for Charity/Fundraising activities.
  2. Clubs should submit information on meetings, events, raffles, or contests. Submissions can be made by anyone who has posting rights on the HK House of Peers Community (i.e. Delegate, Alternate, President, Editor) plus the Charity and Event Coordinators of the Clubs. Be sure that any club role changes have been reported to the HOP Secretary by e-mail to: [].
  3. Dealer events should not be submitted, unless there is a club meeting/event connected with it. HOP reserves the right to refuse listings that are not club activities.
  4. Each event must include a contact name and e-mail address. Phone numbers are desirable. The submission should also include the date the announcement can start, if desired. Otherwise it will be posted during the next posting schedule.
  5. The length of the text should be limited to 20 lines or 300 words. HOP reserves the right to edit for length and content, if necessary.
  6. It is recommend that submissions be made two weeks prior to the date the club wishes the information to appear on the Web. Later submissions can be accepted, but with no guarantee they will be posted in time - updates are done approximately weekly.
  7. The calendar will list Harmony Kingdom activities that have specific dates. This way users can find one place for all dates related to HK activities, including events of national interest like the HK Conventions

Dates and events are subject to change without notice.
Please check with the independent clubs to verify events.
HOP is not responsible for inaccuracies, or events that do not take place.

Calendar of Events

To include a listing, please send the pertinent information to:

HK House of Peers

Revised: May 23, 2018

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