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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')


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May 25, 1999




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Design A Jest Contest & HOP Raffle 
Held during the
Let Freedom Ring! Event
Contest & HOP Raffle Results

Do you remember Potty Time? A kitten is playing in the "potty." Another kitten on top is curious and as he leans forward to watch, he accidentally flushes the toilet. This was the winning entry submitted by Robin Davis in the first Design A Jest Contest. She won her very own Potty Time prototype!

Once again we are looking for all of those great ideas you have for a Harmony Kingdom Box Figurine. Do you have something you would like to suggest to the artist? Here's your second chance! At the same time, you can enter HOP's January Raffle with a chance to win the prototype Planet Paradise. The HK House of Peers and Harmony Kingdom are sponsoring a Design A Jest Contest and a Raffle to benefit NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill). Both contests are open to all Royal Watch members (except for employees of HBC, HI, or HK).

You don't have to be an artist to enter the Design A Jest Contest - all you need to do is describe your idea. The more details you give, the better your chances. You then send in as many designs as you like. Eighty seven creative designs were submitted by 49 people in the last contest. One inspired person sent in nine box ideas! Let's see if we can top those numbers in this new Design A Jest Contest. Put your creative thinking caps on now and start formulating those ideas!

The entry fee of $5 US (£3 UK or $7 CAN) was required for each design submission. The contest has ended.

The winner of the Design A Jest Contest was announced at the Let Freedom Ring! event in October 2004. Judging of the Contest were "blind" (i.e. the judges will not know who submitted which entry) and was done in two stages. First, a panel of HOP Delegates and Alternates selected 12 semi-finalists. Then, the artistic team of HBC/HI/HK selected the winner from among the semi-finalists. There was no guarantee that the winning idea will be made into a box that is actually produced, but you never know! The winner of the Design A Jest Contest received either a prototype Treasure Jest - one based on the winning idea or an alternate prototype selected by HBC/HI/HK. (Please note: all entries become the property of Harmony Kingdom Worldwide.)

For each design entry, you also received a ticket for the Raffle. If your design did not meet the requirements, it was not considered for production, but will still be entered into the Raffle.

Everyone may have entered the Raffle. Tickets were the same price as the Design A Jest entries ($5 US or £3 UK or $7 CAN each) and there was no limit to the number of tickets purchased. The winner of the Raffle was drawn at the Harmony Ball Company office by April 15, 2004. The lucky winner will receive a prototype of Planet Paradise with three lids of different colors (pink, blue, and red).

Planet Paradise Prototype





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