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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')


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HOP Fund Raising
Welcome! by Noel Wiggins
HOP Makes Its Debut!
May 25, 1999




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HK House of Peers

NEWSFLASH - MAY 15, 2001

HOP Fund Raising

One of the missions for the HK House of Peers has been charity fund raising since is inception in 1999. To that end, HOP has raised over $41,400 for a variety of charities. Another mission has been the support of national collector events, such as the HK Reunion at ICE Shows, and activities such as HOP's Game Day at Clair de Lune. HOP also helps fund special club activities such as the mailing of the Psst! Are You a Member? pins to club members. Funds are needed to help pay for these activities.

For example, the total cost of the Anaheim 2001 HK Reunion was approximately $6,000, or about $26 per person. The total ticket sales for the HK Swap & Sell and the Reunion combined were only about $2,500. Two other activities, the Lucky Dip and the Wood Anniversary raffle, brought in $2,500. Where does HOP get the remaining funds? HBC helps by donating prototypes and other desirable items throughout the year for our use in fund raising.

HOP has worked hard to keep ticket prices reasonable. For the future, this will continue as long as fund raising efforts during the year are successful.




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