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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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Welcome! by Noel Wiggins
HOP Makes Its Debut!
May 25, 1999

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NEWSFLASH - MAY 25, 1999

The 'House of Peers' Makes Its Debut!


The summer issue of The Queen's Courier will 'officially' announce
The House of Peers.

Don't miss the Welcome letter from Noel Wiggins!

Representatives from independent Clubs met on the Primordial Crooze, in April, to formulate a network that will facilitate communication and enthusiasm between Harmony Kingdom (HK) and the Clubs. Noel Wiggins, Harmony Ball Company President, was so impressed with the organization that the council was given "royal" status; the 'House of Peers,' to compliment the 'House of Lords' dealers.

Harmony Kingdom brought the independent collector's Clubs into the realm by giving the collectors, via the Clubs, the opportunity to work closely with HBC. In the past, these Clubs sponsored Harmony Kingdom Hospitality events on the Friday nights of the International Collectible Exposition (ICE) shows. The Clubs also provide support for dealers at special HK activities, such as Oktobearfest and Pumpkinfest. Now the Clubs will support Harmony Kingdom as a group.


With the endorsement of Harmony Ball Company, the roles provided by the council include:

Channeling information between collectors and HK
Coordinating collector events managed by more than one Club, like the Hospitality receptions at the ICE shows
Serving as an informal advisory panel for HK on issues affecting collectors
Overseeing much of HK's charitable work on a national level
Providing support and assistance to new independent Clubs
Being involved with decision making for HK events such as the Annual Convention

Each Independent HOP Club is represented by its President or another delegate. The interim officers were selected by HBC to enable the organization and assist with activities before the Rosemont 1999 ICE Show. Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting in June of each year, on a rotating basis, so not all officers are new following each election.

Vice President
Secretary/Communications Coordinator
Charity Coordinator (appointed)
Database Coordinator (appointed)
Internet Coordinator (appointed)


Harmony Kingdom enthusiastically supports this group! HK will be donating various prototypes of popular box figurines to the Council for charity fundraising activities.

Our first offering began on Wednesday evening, May 26, 1999. A prototype version of 'Road Kill' will be auctioned on eBay to raise funds for the recent victims of the tornado-ravaged neighborhoods in Oklahoma and Kansas. The designated charity for this auction was [Feed The Children].

Feed The Children

The primary means of communication on a regular basis is the Internet. Meetings will be held at major national collector events such as ICE Shows and the Annual HK Convention.


Watch for more to come as the House of Peers gets into full swing. HK and your Independent HOP Clubs are working together to make your collecting experience a great one. Show your support by joining an Independent Collectors' [Club]!

HK House of Peers

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