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NEWSFLASH - MAY 26, 1999

Prototype Road Kill Auctioned on 

eBay Auctions

The HK House of Peers, Harmony Ball Company and Martin Perry
presented this rare and unique Treasure Jest in a special charity auction. As a benefit for
the tornado victims in Oklahoma, proceeds from the sale go directly to Feed the Children.

Our first offering, the HK House of Peers is proud to present a prototype version of Road Kill (TJBB99).

Harmony Kingdom enthusiastically supports the HOP and will be donating additional pieces for charitable fundraising activities.

This intermediate version of Road Kill is the work of artist Peter Calvesbert. As often the case with prototypes, the colors on this piece are exceptionally vivid.

'Road Kill' (TJBB99) - Prototype
Road Kill (TJBB99) Prototype

Road Kill, the second introduction in the Black Box series, available through Queen Empress and Royal dealers, was a limited edition of 5,000. As a tribute to the countless victims of road accidents, a group of animals sit on a cloud in heaven, bearing the tire marks of their demise. All have been elevated to angel status and have wings, except for the snake and Peter's visiting mouse. A hedgehog peers out beneath a badger who clutches an exhaust pipe, while another badger holds the tail of a squirrel. The rabbit prepares to detonate a bomb that is inside the box, he seeks revenge on the car—the instrument of their deaths.

Never released for retail sale, this particular version does not have Princess Diana's registration plate, but instead, an old car number of Peter's.

No names appear on the clouds and the tire tracks are not stained red.

According to Martin, "This was the version that was considered not tasteless enough."

'Road Kill' (TJBB99) - Prototype
Road Kill (TJBB99) Prototype

'Road Kill' (TJBB99) - Prototype
Road Kill (TJBB99) Prototype

The interior of the piece is the same
as those released for production.

'Road Kill' (TJBB99) - Prototype
Road Kill (TJBB99) Prototype

This box is from the private collection of Harmony Kingdom's Artistic Director, Martin Perry.
Double signed by P. Calvesbert and Martin Perry,
the piece was authenticated on 12 May 99.

Here's your chance to own a true rarity!

Harmony Kingdom Road Kill Prototype- Charity!
eBay 'Roadkill' Auction
Auction Ended May 31, 1999

eBay Auction Screen Capture

With some super split-second bidding action, the first HK House of Peers Charity Auction closed at 17:58:26 PDT today, with a high bid of $4,085.00 from ( Jay Mohan.

The CollectorNet HKlive Chat room was packed with collectors loading and reloading the eBay page, eager to see and share the last minute bidding action.

Jay joined the crowd in chat once the auction was over and received a hearty round of cyber-cheers. Jay's comment: "My wife's going to hang me."

We hope not, Jay! Congratulations!


Bid History


The HK House of Peers, Harmony Ball Company and Martin Perry
wish to extend our grateful appreciation to all the participants of the auction with your charitable generosity.


This was a charity auction sponsored by the HK House of Peers for Feed the Children. Donations to Feed the Children, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are U.S. tax deductible to the maximum extent as allowed by law. Specific questions, for individual cases, should be directed to the Internal Revenue Code, a tax accountant or tax attorney.

Payment by money order or bank draft only, made out to: Feed the Children, for the amount of the winning bid. Buyer pays shipping and insurance with a second money order or bank draft, payable to: HK House of Peers. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

The item will be shipped to you within one business day of receipt of payments. Your Feed the Children payment will be forwarded within one business day of receipt, with a letter from the HK House of Peers acknowledging the winning bidders contribution.

The winning bidder will also receive a personal letter from Martin Perry, verifying the authenticity of the piece.

Specific questions concerning this or any charity function hosted by the HK House of Peers should be directed to the HOP Charity Coordinator.


Feed The Children

On July 20, 1999, Larry Jones, President of Feed the Children sent us a letter of thanks.
View Larry's letter.

For Private Donations, please visit the Feed the Children website.

Feed The Children - EIN 73-6108657

Feed the Children is:

an international, nonprofit Christian organization providing food, clothing, educational supplies, medical equipment and other necessities to people who lack these essentials because of famine, drought, flood, war or other calamities.
has distributed food and other urgently-needed assistance to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 79 foreign countries.
is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with offices in 19 other countries.
distributes tens of millions of pounds of food, medical supplies and other products each year.
approximately 80% of our assistance is sent to locations inside the United States.

For Private Donations, please visit the Feed the Children website.

Feed The Children - EIN 73-6108657




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