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Harmony Kingdom - FurFest Prototypes Charity Auction

The HK House of Peers and Harmony Kingdom offered you the opportunity to win these three (3) prototypes of FurFest (TJEV07FF). At the same time you would be assisting NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a grass roots organization dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life for all whose lives are affected by these diseases.

FurFest Prototypes
FurFest Prototypes

FurFest was carved by Master Carver Peter Calvesbert in 2007 and released just in time for the annual in-store event that year. There are four (4) versions of this piece, and this auction brings you the prototypes of three (3) of them. (We don't have the Jeweled Version, sorry!)

FurFest HK Secrets:

“As soon as the Christmas tree comes out of the attic, our cat LG is preparing himself for the ascent. The baubles are just too irresistible. ‘Furfest’ shows what eight cats climbing a tree might be like. Are they searching for a mouse (disguised as the angel on top of the tree)? If you happen to receive the mold variation, you’ll notice a ‘deliberate’ error. When the mouse angel was changed to a cat angel, I forgot to remove the mouse tail so the cat has two tails! A contented Santa can be found inside all of the versions, with a second mouse hiding under a present. My name is under a branch and so is the name of our new kitten Lucy. The initials TB51 can be found on the lid. I still cannot recall what this means. Tony Blair is not 51 so I’m stumped. If you have any ideas, let me know”!
     Peter Calvesbert

**Jeweled Piece [Edition Size 1] This is a one-of-a-kind box figurine, adorned with gemstones. The piece is painted by Peter himself and features the rare mold variation with cat tree topper.

FurFest [Production Piece]
FurFest Production Box


**Version #1: Edition Size 875
[Standard Version]
This version has golden ornaments, and Peter’s signature mouse is disguised as an angel at the top of the tree.
**Version #3: Edition Size 125
[Color Variation]
This version has both gold and red ornaments, and the tree topper angel is a mouse.
**Version #2: Edition Size 250
[Mold Variation]
This version has golden ornaments on the tree, but the tree topper is a cat rather than a mouse.

These FurFest pieces are the final pre-production prototypes of Versions #1, #3, and #2! The base of each piece is hand-marked to show which version it is.

FurFest Prototypes
FurFest Prototypes


FurFest Prototypes
FurFest Prototypes


FurFest Prototypes
FurFest Prototypes


FurFest Prototypes
FurFest Prototypes


FurFest Prototypes Interior
FurFest Prototypes Interiors


FurFest Prototypes Bases
FurFest Prototypes Bases

The bases are marked: V2 # 001 (this became Version #1 after production); V1 # 001 (this became Version #3 after production); Mould Variation [sic] (this became Version #2 after production).

These pieces would make a great holiday present for the collector in your family—or for yourself! Your winning bid would also support the efforts of NAMI, in their dedication to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases. So slide on over and place your bid!

This auction was held on
eBay - Prototype Charity Auction
and ended December 14, 2008
raising $378.00 for NAMI



Harmony Kingdom 3 FurFest Variation Prototypes

Harmony Kingdom 3 FurFest Variation Prototypes

This eBay Auction was a charity auction sponsored by the HK House of Peers to benefit NAMI

National Alliance on Mental IllnessNAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness (major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety disorders) and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has become the nation's voice on mental illness, a national organization including NAMI organizations in every state and in over 1,100 local communities across the country who join together to meet the NAMI mission through advocacy, research, support, and education.

FurFest Prototype Thank You!



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