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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')


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HK House of Peers - Wheel of Life Colour Variation Charity Raffle ended April 13, 2008
Gary McAtee of Oregon was the winner!
Auction Result

The HK House of Peers was so excited to announce a special raffle to benefit charities chosen by the HK House of Peers Independent Clubs! The winner receives an extremely rare colour variation of Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is a multi-part, 22" circular piece that was only available to visitors of the HK factory in England; Wimberley Mills. The cost was £500, plus £75 for shipping; as the piece was too large to carry on board an airplane. It is a very rare piece now that Martin Perry has retired and the piece is no longer being produced. The factory is now ably operated by Paul Frape. This was your opportunity to purchase raffle tickets with the proceeds going directly to the purchaser's charity or charities of choice! The drawing for this marvelous piece was be held on Sunday, April 13, 2008—the final day of the HK/HOP PIRATES of the KINGDOM convention in Orlando, Florida.

With a diameter of 22 inches, this one image does not do the intricate carving of the Wheel of Life justice. Each section of the piece has been highlighted on the following page: Wheel of Life - Section Images Preview. You may also click on any section in the image below to be taken to the specific piece. These links will open in a new browser window, where you can view all sections.

Wheel of Life - Edge
Wheel of Life Colour Variation

Are you drooling yet? The only catch was that you must have purchased your raffle tickets in order to participate!

Tickets are based on the following pricing structure:

  1 ticket
  6 tickets
14 tickets
22 tickets
30 tickets
$    5
$  25
$  50
$  75
or  £2.50
or  £12
or  £25
or  £37
or  £50


HOP has asked each independent collectors club to submit the names of their charity or charities that will reap the monetary benefits of this raffle. The charities submitted are:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Sponsored by: Harmony Ball Company

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases. (NATIONAL) []

DCFS (Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services)
Sponsored by: Friends In Harmony

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will, with our community partners, provide a comprehensive child protection system of prevention, preservation, and permanency to ensure that children grow up safe, physically and emotionally healthy, educated, and in permanent homes. (CALIFORNIA) []

Wildlife Waystation
Sponsored by: Friends In Harmony

Wildlife WaySstation The Wildlife Waystation is a national nonprofit, holding rehabilitation, medical and problem solving refuge for native, wild, and exotic animals. Located in the Angeles National Forest, north of the San Fernando Valley, the Wildlife Waystation is a safe haven for both native and exotic wildlife and is dedicated to their rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation. Friends In Harmony is currently sponsoring 'Daisy,' a lioness housed at the Wildlife Waystation. (CALIFORNIA) []

Florida Baptist Children's Homes - Lakeland Campus
Sponsored by: Harmony Florida Suncoast Collectors Club

Florida Baptist Children's Homes Florida Baptist Children's Homes is a faith-based, organization that provides safe, stable, Christian homes for boys and girls who have been neglected, misdirected, abandoned, abused, or caught up in family turmoil. They also provide an Adult Day Program and care for adult women who have developmental disabilities. (FLORIDA) []

Friends of Strays, Inc.
Sponsored by: Harmony Florida Suncoast Collectors Club

Friends of Strays, Inc. Friends of Strays is a nonprofit volunteer organization in St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded in 1978, Friends of Strays is dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless pets. Their primary goal is to stop the reproduction of homeless cats and dogs that are abandoned and left to roam, unable to care for themselves. Friends of Strays is a No-Kill Shelter. (FLORIDA) []

Nebraska Humane Society
Sponsored by: Harmony in the Heartland

Nebraska Humane Society The Nebraska Humane Society acts as a voice for the animals, and through them, enriches the communities they serve. Founded in 1875, they provide education, give sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions, and promote responsible pet ownership. (NEBRASKA) []

Fried's Cat Shelter, Inc.
Sponsored by: Harmony Midwest Collector's Club

Fried's Cat Shelter Fried's Cat Shelter, Inc. is a no-kill, nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and welfare of homeless felines. Fried's was founded by Hans and Lucille Fried in 1977. The Fried's passed away over ten years ago, but their legacy is still being carried out today by the Board of Directors. Fried's Cat Shelter is still a no-kill, cageless sanctuary that thoroughly believes in spaying and neutering as the most effective method to control the feline population. (INDIANA) []

The SPCA of Texas - Perry Campus
Sponsored by: Lone Star Harmony

The SPCA of Texas The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home. The SPCA of Texas is the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas with two shelters and three spay/neuter clinics, and serves as an active resource center providing an array of programs and services that bring people and animals together to enrich each others' lives. They are a Reservation Required shelter, where they no longer euthanize animals for lack of space. (TEXAS) []

Whisker City
Sponsored by: Puget Sound Harmony Kingdom Collectors

Whisker City Whisker City is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, abused and neglected pets. Whisker City was founded in 2000 by April Brown, who has been rescuing animals for almost 20 years. Run entirely by unpaid volunteers as a nonprofit organization, the facility was designed for 30 cats, but has housed as many as 170. It acts mostly as an overspill for other shelters and has a no-kill policy. It operates Whiskers on Wheels (WOW), the Northwest's first mobile cat adoption center. The cheery school bus parks at area businesses, by invitation, for the day and can hold 22 cats. (WASHINGTON) []

SICSA(The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals)
Sponsored by: Purrfect Harmony

SICSA (The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals) SICSA is a private nonprofit animal welfare group dedicated to helping the homeless, stray, and unwanted animals in Kettering, Ohio, Dayton, and the Miami Valley. SICSA prevents the euthanasia of adoptable companion animals by addressing the animal overpopulation problem; and nurturing the human/animal bond through humane education. (OHIO) []

Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS)
Sponsored by: Rocky Mountain Harmony

Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS) ARAS is a no-kill cat shelter dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals, and providing a safe shelter and a second chance for homeless cats and kittens. Through outreach programs and community referrals, ARAS seeks to educate the public by providing current information regarding other rescue organizations and services when ARAS is unable to accommodate the animal in need. ARAS is committed to helping animals in need of safe environments and people in need of solutions. (COLORADO) []

LaGrange - Troup County Humane Society (People 4 Paws)
Sponsored by: Southern Harmony Collector's Club

LaGrange - Troup County Humane Society (People 4 Paws) The LaGrange - Troup County Humane Society strives to improve the lives of animals by educating the public on the humane treatment of animals. This includes the importance of spaying or neutering, current vaccinations, annual veterinary examinations, and the proper care and treatment of animals. Through community involvement, quarterly newsletters, educational programs, and their website, the Society promotes the adoption of healthy animals, as well as educating the public to lessen the number of unwanted animals in the community. The Society supplies the City of LaGrange Animal Shelter with dog and cat food and provides emergency medical treatment of injured animals. (GEORGIA) []

New Yorkers For Children (NYFC)
Sponsored by: Tri-State Kingdom Collectors Club

New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) New Yorkers For Children strives to improve the lives of children and families served by the Administration For Children's Services by providing the private resources needed to assist Children's Services and by increasing the private sector's awareness of child welfare issues. NYFC has supported projects that have changed the lives of the almost 17,000 children in foster care as well as the over 30,000 children whose at-risk families receive preventive services in New York City. (NEW YORK) []


Collectors in the UK can support Marie Curie Cancer Care or London Wild Care Trust. Both accept CAF cheques or a Gift Aid declaration can be printed from their respective websites.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie Cancer Care Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high quality nursing, totally free, to give terminally ill people the choice of dying at home supported by their families. []

London Wildcare Trust

The London Wildcare Trust London Wildcare Trust offers hospital care to sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals, an Ecology Centre for exploratory educational purposes, and Wildlife Field Centre where those animals unable to be re-released into the wild can be cared for and their necessity to the British environment explained. []


When purchasing your raffle tickets, you were given the opportunity to direct your contribution directly to one or more of the charities. You may break-up your donation as you desire, but it will be combined to determine the number of eligible tickets.

Online participation has ended. Purchase your tickets using our secure order form: Wheel of Life Raffle Tickets. Select the charity or charities you want and then indicate the dollar amount to be directed to that charity. You can pay by check, Visa®, MasterCard®, or PayPal®. If paying by Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal, the amount, after the fees charged to HOP are deducted, will be distributed to the charity or charities of your choice.

If paying by check, please make your check(s) payable to the charity selected (a separate check for each charity). Submit your check(s) by mail to the HOP Treasurer: Johnia Browning, or to the UK Charity Coordinator: Hannah Witkowska. If you would like raffle ticket stubs sent to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. All checks mailed to HOP must be postmarked no later than March 20, 2008.

HK House of Peers


For US charities, when using Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal, please note that the monies will be collected by HOP and subsequently distributed to the charity or charities you have selected. If paying by credit, you can provide the card details either via our secure order form, or by calling our HOP Treasurer, Johnia Browning, at 770-329-6466.

We are not accepting credit cards or PayPal entries for the UK charities due to the high cost of issuing pound sterling cheques from US banks. These costs would significantly reduce any donations.

Tickets were also sold at the PIRATES of the KINGDOM event. The winning ticket was drawn from all tickets purchased by US and UK collectors for the HK/HOP PIRATES of the KINGDOM event in Orlando, Florida on April 13, 2008.


Wheel of Life - Section 1 Good Luck!

WHEEL of LIFE SECTION IMAGES PREVIEW Wheel of Life - Center Wheel of Life - Section 1 Wheel of Life - Section 2 Wheel of Life - Section 3 Wheel of Life - Section 4 Wheel of Life - Section 5 Wheel of Life - Section 6 Wheel of Life - Section 7 Wheel of Life - Section 8 Wheel of Life - Section 9 Wheel of Life - Section 10 Wheel of Life - Section 11 Wheel of Life - Section 12 Wheel of Life - Section 13 Wheel of Life - Section 14 Wheel of Life - Section 15 Wheel of Life - Section 16 Wheel of Life - Section 17 Wheel of Life - Section 18 Wheel of Life - Section 19 Wheel of Life - Section 20 Wheel of Life - Section 21 Wheel of Life - Edge




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