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NEWSFLASH - MAY 14, 2001

Harmony Kingdom - Flower Prototypes Charity!
eBay Auction


Flower Prototypes from Lord Byron's Harmony Garden Chapter V
Flower Prototypes from Lord Byron's
Harmony Garden Chapter V


The HK House of Peers and Harmony Kingdom offered you the opportunity to own prototypes of six (6) Chapter V Lord Byron's Harmony Garden flowers. At the same time, you assist NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill), a grass roots organization dedicated to eradicating mental illness and improving the quality of life for those affected by these diseases.

HK House of Peers Harmony Kingdom National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

These lovely flowers continue the story of Lord Byron, as he wanders through America in search of true love. The Sunflower III, Hibiscus, Daisy II, and Carnation were carved by Sherman Drackett; the Lily and Rose were carved by the artists of Martin Perry Studios.

Carnation Prototype

Carnation Prototype interior

Carnation Prototype base

Daisy II Prototype interior

Daisy II Prototype
Daisy II

Daisy II Prototype base

Hibiscus Prototype

Hibiscus Prototype interior

Hibiscus Prototype base

Lily Prototype interior

Lily Prototype

Lily Prototype base

Rose Prototype
See below for Rose details

Rose Prototype interior

Rose Prototype base

Sunflower III Prototype interior

Sunflower III Prototype
Sunflower III

Sunflower III Prototype base

These prototypes were produced in England's Wimberley Mills. Each one is marked on the bottom with the name of the piece and a number, which indicates the number of the colour sample. Some changes were made before the pieces were issued. Most notably, the prototype Carnation is pink, while the production version is dark red.

Rose Prototype - lid chip detail

With one exception, the pieces are in excellent condition. The Rose, however, has a tiny chip on the underside of the lid. The chip is virtually invisible when the lid is in place, and does not detract from the beauty of the piece.

Rose Prototype - chip detail

National Alliance for the Mentally IllNAMI is the nation's leading grassroots organization solely dedicated to improving the lives of persons with severe mental illnesses (major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety disorders). Their efforts focus on support to persons with serious mental illnesses and to their families. They advocate non-discriminatory and equitable federal and state policies; increased research funding into the causes, symptoms, and treatments for mental illness; and education to eliminate the pervasive stigma toward severe mental illness. Through advocacy and education, NAMI translates biomedical research advances into effective treatment and services for individuals with serious mental illness.

Auction Details:

There is no reserve on this auction.

Two separate forms of payment are required. The winning bidder must send the HK House of Peers a money order or bank draft in U.S. dollars, payable to NAMI, for the amount of the winning bid. The buyer will pay shipping and insurance with a second money order or bank draft, payable to HK House of Peers. The cost of shipping and insurance will be based on the location of the winning bidder. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

The item will be shipped to the winning bidder within three business days of receipt of payments. The NAMI payment will be forwarded to them within two business days of receipt, with a letter from the HK House of Peers acknowledging the contribution.

This was a charity auction sponsored by the HK House of Peers for NAMI. Donations to NAMI, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, may be U.S. tax deductible for the amount donated that is greater than the fair market value of the pieces. For answers to specific questions, refer to Internal Revenue Service Publication 526, available on the IRS website, or see your personal tax expert.

eBay Auction
Auction ended May 20, 2001
raising $1,282.00 for NAMI



Harmony Kingdom Flower Prototypes - Charity!

Harmony Kingdom Flower Prototypes - Charity!


Bid History




Daisy II Prototype - interior detail
Thank You!

Liz with the Rose Prototype
A happy Liz with
the Rose Prototype
at the Rosemont HK Reunion
(Photo by Mary Chamberlain)




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