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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')


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Harmony Kingdom - 'True North' Prototype Auction
A Fundraiser to Benefit the
Samvit Sagar School in Madras, India

The HK House of Peers and Harmony Ball Company presented the unique prototype 'True North,' a Canadian HK exclusive, in this special auction.

This charity auction benefits the Samvit Sagar School in Madras, India. The Samvit Sagar School's mission is to provide a high standard of education for gifted children from low-income families. Money raised from this auction will provision equipment and educational tools, such as new technology and text books.


'True North' Prototype
'True North' Prototype

The school offers children an education in academia, sports, and knowledge of the self. This facility provides funded education for children who otherwise would have little hope of any that would meet Western standards.

Most schools in India are privately funded and in desperate need of contributions. Money raised from this auction will provision equipment and educational tools, such as new technology and text books.

'True North' Prototype

The prototype being offered was carved by Ann Richmond. This particular item was made in the UK. The outside of the piece features colors different from the retail edition. The only hallmark on the piece is that of Ann Richmond. The most noticeable difference is the interior. In this prototype, a snowmobiler, wearing the initials "JV" with a F1 insignia, lies face up in the snow having just crashed into a brick sign that reads "Jacque's Happy." Could this be Jacques Villeneuve, the famous Canadian Formula One racer?

'True North' is the first Canadian exclusive Harmony Kingdom Box Figurine, distributed by Canadian Distributors Amyot & Watt, available only from HK dealers in Canada. Martin Perry has signed both the base and the lid, authenticating it as a Harmony Kingdom prototype. The item is free of nicks, cracks, or other damage.

'True North' Prototype base and lid

Payment in US dollars by money order or bank draft, made out to The Samvit Sagar Trust, for the amount of the winning bid. Buyer pays shipping and insurance with a second money order or bank draft, payable to HK House of Peers, sent to the HOP Treasurer. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

The item will ship within one business day of receipt of payment. Your Samvit Sagar Trust donation will be forwarded to them within one business day of receipt, with a letter from the HK House of Peers acknowledging your contribution.

This was a charity auction sponsored by the HK House of Peers for The Samvit Sagar School. Donations to Samvit Sagar may be U.S. tax deductible for the amount greater than the fair market value of this piece. For answers to specific questions, refer to Internal Revenue Service Publication 526, which is available on the IRS website at [], or see your tax accountant, or a tax attorney.

'True North' Prototype interior

This auction was held on
eBay Auction
and ended June 16, 2000
raising $1,480.00 for the Samvit Sagar School



Harmony Kingdom True North Prototype CHARITY

eBay True North Auction screen capture


Bid History



'True North' Prototype interior Thank You! 'paragon'



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