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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')


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A 'Naked' Angel Prototype Auction ended October 6, 1999 raising $5,600

A 'Naked' Angel - Prototype
A 'Naked' Angel Prototype

The HK House of Peers, Harmony Ball Company and Martin Perry presented this rare and unique angel prototype in our fourth special charity event. The auction offering A 'Naked' Angel on eBay, will aid the American Red Cross' efforts with disaster relief.

As a benefit to the victims of Hurricane Floyd, the proceeds from this auction goes directly to the American Red Cross. The winds were gone, but Floyd's path of destruction continued to grow. Hurricane victims, and flood victims in North and South Carolina, are receiving assistance from the American Red Cross with shelter, food and comfort.

We are proud to help in the American Red Cross' $25 Million Campaign for Hurricane Floyd Disaster Operations.

American Red Cross 

The auction was held on
eBay Auction
and ended October 6, 1999

Harmony Kingdom Naked Angel Prototype CHARITY

A 'Naked' Angel - PrototypeThis extremely rare prototype is the work of the famed "Toolshed Associates," best known for carving several of the popular Chapter One Harmony Garden pieces and Y2HK.

The angel wears a red shirt and black collar. Inside, a man appears, encircling her by the ankles, to prevent her from flying up to the heavens - out of his grasp forever.

According to Martin Perry, HBC originally intended to launch a line of "risqué" angels. However, they were never produced for retail sale because "they were a little too exciting." Eleven remain in existence; only one wearing a red shirt. Martin assures that this is a one-of-a-kind item he painted himself.

A 'Naked' Angel - Prototype Interior
A 'Naked' Angel Prototype Interior

Auction Specifics:

Two separate forms of payment were required. The winning bidder must submit a money order or bank draft, made out to the American Red Cross, for the amount of the winning bid. The buyer pays shipping and insurance with a second money order or bank draft, payable to HK House of Peers. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

The item ships to the winning bidder within one business day of receipt of payments. The American Red Cross payment was forwarded to them within one business day of receipt, with a letter from the HK House of Peers acknowledging the contribution.

 The auction was held on
eBay Auction
and ended October 6, 1999
raising $5,600.00 for the American Red Cross



Harmony Kingdom Naked Angel Prototype CHARITY

eBay Auction Screen Capture

And, the Bid History was:

Bid History


American Red Cross

On November 5, 1999, Lynn M. Sherrill, Chapter Manager of the American Red Cross
Central North Carolina Chapter sent us a letter of thanks.
View Lynn's letter.

For Private Donations, please visit the American Red Cross website.

This was a charity auction sponsored by the HK House of Peers for the American Red Cross. Donations to the American Red Cross, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, may be U.S. tax deductible for the amount donated greater than the fair market value of the piece. For answers to specific questions, refer to Internal Revenue Service Publication 526, which is available on the IRS website at [], or see your tax accountant or a tax attorney.




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