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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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Harmony Kingdom King Of The Hill Prototype
Charity Auction
Ended November 24, 2002


The HK House of Peers and Harmony Kingdom offered you the opportunity to win a prototype of King Of The Hill. At the same time you could assist NAMI [National Alliance for the Mentally Ill], a grass roots organization dedicated to eradicating mental illness and improving the quality of life for those affected by these diseases.

King Of The Hill Prototype
King Of The Hill Prototype

King Of The Hill was created in England by Master Carver Peter Calvesbert. It is one of the limited edition Treasure Jests issued in 2001. This prototype has several differences from the piece that was issued:

  • The coloring is slightly different - the face is brown instead of green and the mound is much lighter

  • In addition to the normal hallmarks (Copyright, Peter's initials, Clef sign, and Smiley face) the prototype has a "1," which normally signifies a first edition. This hallmark was removed when it was decided to make this a limited edition.

  • The base is marked Pangolin C/S #001

King Of The Hill was issued in an edition of only 4,000 pieces. The animal is a pangolin, a tree-dwelling mammal, covered with scales, that resembles an armadillo. It uses its 10-inch long tongue to eat termites. Several termites can be found on this piece - one is waiving a white flag! Peter's signature mouse is tucked into the curve of the tail. Inside is the termite queen, and a book of baby names - after all, she can lay up to 36,000 eggs a day for up to 50 years - that's a lot of names to find!

This auction was held on eBay
eBay Auction
and ended November 24, 2002
raising $481.00 for


Harmony Kingdom - King of the Hill Prototype

Harmony Kingdom - King of the Hill Prototype


eBay Bid History for
Harmony Kingdom - King of the Hill Prototype
Item #
  Currently $481.00   First bid $100.00
  Quantity 1   # of bids 11
  Time left Auction has ended.
  Started Nov-17-02 16:56:45 PST
  Ends Nov-24-02 16:56:45 PST
  Seller (Rating) hop-charitySpacer(8)
Bidding History (Highest bids first)
User ID
Bid Amount Date of Bid
sir-mSpacer(444)Spacerstar $481.00 Nov-24-02 16:56:41 PST
kinmar95@aol.comSpacer(338)Spacerstar $476.00 Nov-24-02 16:56:39 PST
dreamchasertooSpacer(228)Spacerstar $350.00 Nov-23-02 00:28:04 PST
imwatchfuleyeSpacer(372)Spacerstar $346.00 Nov-24-02 08:33:03 PST
hk4me@earthlink.netSpacer(99)Spacerstar $320.99 Nov-24-02 08:02:11 PST
lesleadSpacer(17)Spacerstar $227.00 Nov-23-02 00:04:45 PST
dreamchasertooSpacer(228)Spacerstar $225.00 Nov-22-02 15:52:32 PST
mail@ameurop.netSpacer(494)Spacerstar $200.00 Nov-22-02 08:39:29 PST
dreamchasertooSpacer(228)Spacerstar $150.00 Nov-18-02 11:54:50 PST
finalley@finalley.comSpacer(99)Spacerstar $150.00 Nov-20-02 16:22:41 PST
finalley@finalley.comSpacer(99)Spacerstar $122.00 Nov-17-02 20:01:51 PST


King Of The Hill Prototype Thank You
Michael Medd of Ogden, Utah - "sir-m"!

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